Free Flutter Color Picker App Template Download in 2023

App Name: Free Flutter Color Picker App Template

Google Play Store: Compitable

Apple Store: Compitable

Introduction: This app is made in a flutter to help people with the color they will use in their projects. This is very basic and essential template for a beginner.


  • Able to pick a color from a picker wheel, palette, value, name, and from the image.
  • favorite to use the later.
  • Copy the clipboard
  • Dark theme compatible.
  • Very responsive, zoomed scaffold expands in screen larger than 950px.
  • Included the tooltips and semantics for accessibility.
  • Support English and Portuguese.

Color Info:

You can parse the color and see the color information:

 SpaceSee infoParseCopy

Free Download: Free Flutter Color Picker App Template Download


flutter wheel picker
Wheel Picker
Palette Picker
Palette Picker
Value picker
Value picker
Named Picker
Named Picker
Image picker
Image picker
favorite picker
favorite picker

Image Resources: Github

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