Voltage Lab SAAS App

The brief

We developed an innovative SaaS app called “Voltage Lab” to empower electrical engineering enthusiasts to enhance their learning experience. Our app, available in the Bangla language, offers a range of features through a monthly subscription model. With a user-friendly interface and seamless payment integration, users can access a mix of free and premium features. By leveraging YouTube API integration, we provide engaging video tutorials and educational content to help users grasp complex electrical concepts easily. Our app also incorporates a SQL database with a PHP backend, ensuring secure data storage and retrieval. With Voltage Lab, users can simulate circuits, access comprehensive learning resources, and participate in interactive quizzes to deepen their understanding. Our solution has received positive feedback, leading to improved user engagement and enhanced learning outcomes for electrical engineering enthusiasts.

Project Description

Voltage Lab wanted to launch a new SAAS app that would allow students to enjoy educational material with freemium features. We developed a custom app that featured a modern and user-friendly design, with a simple and intuitive payment process. We also integrated the app with the client’s inventory management system to ensure accurate levels and fulfillment. As a result, the client saw a significant increase in online sales and revenue.


We were looking for a modern and user-friendly SAAS app to sell our app subscription based and this agency delivered. Their team was easy to work with and the end result was beyond our expectations.

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