eDental Patient App

The brief

eDental has approached us with a request for a patient app. After successfully developing a dentist app for them, they expressed their desire for a patient app with numerous impressive features. One of the key functionalities we integrated into the app is a booking system. Whenever a patient schedules an appointment, the dentist receives a notification, and the appointment is displayed on their calendar. This streamlined process enhances communication and scheduling between dentists and patients, providing a convenient and efficient experience for all parties involved.

Project Description

eDental Want a Patient App from us. We have created a dentist app for them. After successfully done the dentist app task, they want us a patient app for their business with a bunch of amazing features. In this app, we make a booking system from the patient app. The dentist will get notify when patient book the appointment and it will show into the calendar.


edental patient app

We’ve seen a significant increase in online sales since launching the new app. The app strategy that this agency developed for us has also been effective in driving engagement and sales.

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